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Occupational Health

Join our FREE webinar on 16 June 2022 (Thursday) 4:00 to 5:30pm to learn more from our speakers

Venue: Webinar (Zoom)

Max. 500 Participants

Agenda :

1st Session

Speaker : Mr. Russell Yau (Founder and Chief Executive Officer at 1source)

Topic : Understand wireless radiation & Consumer product safety


1. Understand wireless radiations

a. WHO warning

b. Different wireless technologies and energy levels

c. 4G vs 5G

d. Safe use of wireless technologies

2. Consumer product safety

a. Hidden dangers

b. A easy way to avoid harmful chemicals

c. advocating ESG as a consumer

2nd Session

Speaker : Dr. Ariel Thorpe

Topic : Staff Well-Being: Boosting Your Immune System


1. Understanding the current situation

a.Our health equation

b.Common health challenges for HKers

c. Current health landscape in HK

2. What is health

a. Causes of underlying health issues

3. What controls our health and stress responses

a. Basic anatomy

b. Stress response

4. Solutions to manage immune system stress

a. Chiropractic

b. Movement

c. Nutrition

5. Next steps to implement now

6. Q & A